Sun Life Mutual Fund Redemption - How To Redeem / Withdraw Shares in Sun Life Mutual Fund

In case you’d like to Redeem or Withdraw from your Sun Life Mutual funds, follow these simple steps.
1. Download the Order Ticket for Redemption/Interfund Transfer. It looks exactly the one below.

Sun Life Mutual Fund Redemption / Withdrawal Order Ticket
Make sure you fill up the following important details
  • Client Number or Account Number
  • Account Name
  • Under Redemptions, write the Date. You may skip on the Application Number.
  • Fund Name – from where you want to withdraw/redeem
  • Number of Shares or Amount to Redeem – you may simply put the Exact number of shares or just the amount
  • Reason for Redemption – Just check any that applies
  • Special /Other Instructions – Check any that applies
  • Your signature
  • Date
In case you requested for a Certificate of Shares, the original share certificate (if issued) of the investment for withdrawal must be submitted with the Order Ticket for Redemption/Interfund Transfer.

If you’re enrolled with Fascimile Transactions, you may simply fax the filled up Order Ticket (Redemption/Interfund Transfer) to (632) 849-9744 or 849-9740.

If not enrolled, you must submit the original Order Ticket to the nearest Sun Life Office in your area.
For my clients (in case you’re a client of mine), you may simply scan the filled up document and email it to me and I’ll do the rest.

Wait for 3-7 days (as mandated by law) for your withdrawn fund. But based on actual experience of mine, submitted the form 9am (Thursday). Got the funds in my bank account the next day (Friday) at around 4pm.

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